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Website Promotion Discount Program

Virtually all of our new business comes from our website. In an effort to develop more leads through this channel, we will offer a discount to any organization that agrees to provide attribution and a link back to the Bennett Awards website on a web page of their organization or event. An example might be: The XYZ Awards for this presentation were provided by Bennett Awards (with Bennett Awards linked to our website at

If you would like to use a linked logo instead of text (on a webpage of sponsors, for example), you can download our logo and, again, link it to

This link must be active prior to your awards presentation, and remain active for a period of at least 90 days following the event or presentation.

In order to receive this discount, we ask that you send us a URL link to the web page which contains the promotional link back to Bennett Awards. Once this link is received and verified, we will add the discount to your invoice. If a discount is applied and the promotional link is not added and verified, you will be invoiced for the amount of the discount that was applied.

Digital Assets

 Click logo image to download full vector file. Please choose the appropriate asset for your purpose. If you do not know what a vector file is, please click here to download our image set.


Participation Confirmation Form


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